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Pebble Smartwatch


The smart watch craze is still in its infancy stage and I am sure there is many more models to come. The Pebble though is one of the first and still most popular smart watches in the market. Their platform has been very successful due to its open source stance and makes their code and API, available to anyone who wants to improve or create apps for their watches. They have a great development team that is constantly adding new content and features to their watches. Pebble has their own App store for their watches which makes finding apps for your watch insanely easy and addictive! I could tell you about all of the possibilities your watch apps could do but that would take too long, but I do love using my Pebble watch accompanied with my android app Swing by Swing. I am able to go golfing and get my distance from the pin by simply looking at my watch, I am able to input my golf score and amount of strokes it took (which is a lot).  It is my favorite app to use with my watch. Don’t believe me? Read the insane amount of reviews amazon has on the Pebble.

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