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Shopify – Easy E-commerce Web Platform


For those individuals that do not have the time or funds to build out an eCommerce website, Shopify is a fantastic solution. Shopify allows people with no web design experience to post up a great modern, functional, and professional looking eCommerce site fairly quickly. They have designed their entire platform to be as easy and fast as possible. I have had the expiriance of using shopify for a few clients. The idea was I could setup the website quickly and easily for them and give them a quick run through on how to maintain the site. The process is simple and works great. They have low fees and a fair monthly fee for using their services, but they are a one stop shop. Shopify provides domain purchasing, hosting, and templates to build your eCommerce site. Shopify has a great support team too, so if you get stuck on something their team will help you very quickly and efficiently. They let you start out with a free trial to let you mess around with the site and see if you like it. Have a store, or a product you would like to sell? Try Shopify.

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