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TRYM II – Rechargeable Hair Clipper


Owning a decent hair clipper is probably not on your priority list as of yet… But  once you own a nice hair clipper, you won’t believe you went this long without one. The TRYM II is actually a great product that not only is built really well, but actually works wonders!  Long lasting battery life is great on the TRYM II but since the base is the actual charging unit the TRYM II usually is never below 99% battery capacity.  The TRYM II comes with 4 solid sizes of attachments depending on what hair length your going for. The included cleaning brush and oil is a nice touch for the value. For $29.99 you really do get a solid product that works and looks great. I don’t think I am the only one either that likes this product, the other 243 reviews via Amazon seem to agree with me with a 4 1/2 star rating. What are you waiting for? Get classy.





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