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Uber – Better than a Taxi!


If you have not heard of Uber, then you must be living in the stone age. Uber is the new replacement for hailing a cab or bumming a ride from someone. Uber has absolutely revolutionized the way I get picked up from the bars from a long night of drinking.  Uber is a beautifully designed app that could not be more simple. Sign up for your account, make sure your credit card or payment method has been inputted correctly and your ready to be taken anywhere. Where ever you are, you simply open the app and with a press of a button Uber knows where you are and sends an Uber driver to come pick you up. You get to watch your Uber driver come pick you up in real time with an updating GPS screen, so you know exactly where your driver is at all times. The best part about the app is your getting picked up by a regular car, which is usually brand new. Many of the Uber drivers are buying brand new eco friendly cars specifically to drive  your butt around where ever you need to be.  No money is ever exchanged, you simply get in the car, and when your at your destination you leave. No tipping, no squandering for extra cash, just simply thank your driver and the app automatically charges you accordingly. The prices vary, but Uber is cheaper than a cab, so you can not go wrong. Bye- bye curry smelling taxi cabs.  I suggest you install the app and have your account all setup so when the day comes you need a ride, its as simple as pressing 1 button. Available for Android & iOS.

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